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O.J. HARD - Mango

O.J. HARD - Mango

What is O.J. Hard?

O.J. Hard Seltzer is a natural and refreshing range of spiked sparkling waters created using the purest well water and juices from hand picked fresh fruit, in four fruity and refreshing flavours. Flavours include Cherry, Mango, Lime and Raspberry. View the other flavours in the range by clicking here.

What ABV is O.J. Hard?

O.J. Hard has an ABV of 5%.

Where is O.J. Hard made?

O.J. Hard is born and brewed in Belgium using the finest ingredients.

What ingredients are used in O.J. Hard? 

Carbonated water, cane sugar and natural fruit flavours. Each 330ml serving contains just 99 calories, 0g of carbs and it's gluten free! This product is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

What packaging formats is O.J. Hard available in?

O.J. Hard is carton packed with 24 x 330ml sleek double matt finish cans. 

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