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What are Hard Seltzers and how are they brewed?

With Hard Seltzers conquering the hearts of the world, O.J. Beer is ready to introduce its newest range: The O.J. HardA natural and refreshing range of spiked sparkling water created using the purest well water and fermented cane sugar in four refreshing fruit flavours.

But what are hard seltzers and how are they made? We’ll tell you everything you need to know about the world’s new favourite drink!

What are Hard Seltzers 

How can we best define a hard seltzer? Essentially, it’s just carbonated water with alcohol and added flavours. But the simplicity of this drink is what makes it so popular! With its light body, low alcohol percentage, low calories and refreshing taste, the hard seltzer craze is definitely here to stay.

The popularity of this spiked sparkling water is growing by the day. The market share of hard seltzer in the United States has grown from 0.85 to 2.6% in less than a year!

How Hard Seltzers are brewed.

So how are hard seltzers made? Well, the brewing process resembles the way how beer is brewed.  Beer brewers use yeast to ferment sugar, resulting in alcohol.

But there is one thing in the brewing process that make O.J. Hard different from beer: Beer brewers add ingredients such as barley malt before and during the brewing process. O.J. Hard just uses cane sugar during fermentation.

These are the ingredients of the O.J. Hard Seltzer

  • Purified carbonated water
  • Alcohol
  • Natural fruit flavours
  • Cane sugar

Not a lot of ingredients, right? As result of this, hard seltzers are low in calories and carbohydrates (we’re talking to you, gym goers). Our O.J. Hard consists of just 89 calories and 2g carbs per 330ml serving, and its gluten free! Basically, drinking alcohol has become healthy…well, kind of.

Want to know more about O.J. Hard?

Are you interested in becoming an official distributor of O.J. Hard Seltzer? Are you ready to go hard or go home? Make sure to check out the full of O.J. Hard here!


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