O.J. Beer

The Ultimate Glassware Guide

Have you ever wondered why different beers are served in different glasses? Well, there’s reasoning behind this, we promise! Read on to discover how to be fancy when serving your O.J. Beer.

O.J. Pilsener

Pilsener Glass

A pilsener glass is meant to be aesthetically pleasing and show off the look of the liquid and the carbonation all while retaining the head and aromas. The shape of this type of glass really accentuates the carbonation.


Weizen Glass

The weizen glass is a type of glass used for drinking cloudy wheat beers (O.J. Blanche anyone?). It is made from thinner glass and is tall and long in shape, which helps showcase the colour and haze of the beer. It also locks in the aromas and provides proper space for a thick, fluffy head.


Tall Flute

Tall Flute glasses are a cylindrical glass best for Belgian lambics and fruit beers. The shape of this glass helps in showing the dancing bubbles, colour and delicacy of the beer. This type of glass is similar to a champagne flute but often has a shorter stem.


Grand Snifter

These glasses are traditionally used to serving brandy and cognac, however, the stiftner glass is great for serving strong beers as it’s focus is on capturing and enhancing the aromas.


Pint Glass

If you’re unsure of which glass to choose, don’t worry! You can always go for your run-of-the-mill, all-purpose pint glass! The clear and unadorned design of these glasses allows the drinker to appreciate the colour and texture of all beers. But make sure you are pouring from a can or bottle with at least 500ml liquid content, no one likes a half filled glass of beer!

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