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The best beers to get you through the summer!

Summer is just around the corner… The hotter it gets, the stronger our urge gets to crack a cold beer after an afternoon dip in the pool. 

Summer beers should be refreshingly thirst quenching! We've rounded up the best O.J. Beers that are the most ideal summertime bevvy.

O.J. Pilsener:

O.J. Pilsener is the perfect summer sipper. It is a light bodied crisp and bitter premium Pilsener with a dry, refreshing finish, quenching your thirst instantly. It's a golden coloured beer with a vibrant finish, pure smell and slightly sweet aroma. This best seller is available in an eye-catching, double matt finish 330ml and 500ml can as well as glittering 330ml bottle with our signature branding. O.J. Pilsener is a true thirst quencher. 

O.J. Hard Seltzer:

Looking to soak in the summer fun but not the summer calories? O.J. HARD is our range of spiked sparkling waters using only the finest ingredients including carbonated water, cane sugar and natural fruit juices with just 99 calories per can and 0g of carbs, in four different fruity flavours. What more could you ask for from a summer bev? Beat the heat and feel refreshed with a colourful 330ml can of O.J. HARD in one of our four fruity flavours including Mango, Raspberry, Lime & Cherry! 

O.J. Blanche:

I know, a wheat beer isn’t a typical beer to enjoy in the heat, but hear us out! O.J. Blanche is characterised by it’s coriander aromas and citrus flavours, a beverage all beer lovers will enjoy. O.J. Blanche is a light, fresh and delicious wheat beer with a mild sweet-sour taste. Enjoy O.J. Blanche in our double matt 500ml can or a glittering 330ml bottle, with an eloquent sleek design. Serve it chilled, pool side, with some spicy chips and dip for a true summer experience. 

So go on, the sun is blazing, the ice cream is dripping and the beer is cold! And in case you didn’t know, beer is rich in amino acids and vitamins which can help to dispel that summer heat. Try something new this summer. Out with the old, #inwithoj 

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