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The O.J. Pink Beer review by Matthias Soberon

In 2020, we launched the O.J. Fruit Flavoured beer range. We invited Matthias Soberon of Served by Soberon to taste O.J. Pink for the first time. Read on to hear his initial thoughts on our fruit beer with a wild berry taste!.

O.J. Pink comes, like the Fuzz and Pomme, in a 330ml premium black glass bottle. When you pour it in your glass, a bold aroma of berries is unleashed and a quite translucent

pinkish red rises up. A vaguely pink foam sets, and gently disappears again, leaving mostly a faint rim and a thin layer of it in the middle. Lively pearls find their way to the surface.

O.J. Pink is a ‘Wild Berry Flavoured Beer’, and as its name suggests, is a pink-colored lager. It contains water, barley malt, maize, hops, sugar, food acids and natural blackcurrant flavouring, and ultimately clocks in at 4% ABV with under 145kcal per bottle.

Bringing the glass to your nose, quickly results in the first wave of berries finding their way to your nostrils. It smells familiar, the bittersweetness evokes memories of a certain type of grenadine I used to love as a kid. It’s vibrant, yet doesn’t hide some of the deeper tones that lie beneath its surface.

On the palate, you’re greeted by vibrant carbonation. It’s velvet on the tongue, with a very straightforward combination of berries, mainly raspberries and strawberries coming to mind. A nice sour touch lurks around the corner and then, as anticipated that touch of bitterness. Initially I can’t dismiss the thought of a Snakebite, yet then the lager comes out, greeting you, mildly, but confidently. Soft bitterness paving the way for a second sip. It drinks easily. While some might find the initial burst of sweetness a bit heavy, just give it time to balance out. This will reveal that its tartness and bitterness stay a little bit longer with each sip.  

The finish is quite short and straightforward, a confirmation of what has happened in the nose and on the palate. Balancing between sour and sweet, combined with a wind of bitterness. Cassis and candied raspberry seem the last to leave the party.

O.J. Pink is a playful lager. It’s a throwback, with lots of memories coming to mind. And what it might lack in complexity, it makes up for in liveliness. Serve it ice-cold on a summer day and you’re in for a sweet treat.

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