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A guide to our vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free alcoholic drinks:

At O.J. Beer, we want everyone to enjoy our beers. That’s why we’re continuously developing our ranges to make them accessible to everyone. Read on to discover which of our beers cater to those who don’t consume gluten, are vegetarians or vegans.

 Vegetarian and vegan friendly beers:

We are proud to say that each of our five O.J. Beer ranges, including the O.J. Pilsener, O.J. Strong, O.J. Fruit, O.J. Blanche and  O.J. Hard are made using natural ingredients and do not include any animal products, making them all suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

  • O.J. Pilsener & Light Beer : This is a premium quality range of beers with a light body and a crisp and dry finish. The pilsener range comes in two variants. Our original pilsener is a 5% ABV beer and is served in a 500ml and 330ml can or 330ml bottle. The Light pilsener is served in a 330ml can or bottle and features 3.8% ABV and just 85 calories per serving. Learn More
  • O.J. Strong: A range of beers that take strength to new heights! Our strong beers are brewed using barley malt sugar and hops, giving you a bitter taste and a sweet, malty finish. The range comes in seven variants, ranging from 8.5% up to a whopping 20%! Learn More.
  • O.J. Fruit: This range includes three thirst-quenching fruit flavoured beers. Flavours include O.J. Pomme (sweet green apples), O.J. Pink (wild berries) and O.J. Fuzz (tropical peach). Each flavour is served in an eloquent 330ml glass bottle with just 140 calories or less per serving. Learn More.
  • O.J. Blanche: A classic and premium cloudy wheat beer, created by brewing only the finest ingredient, and characterized by it’s coriander aromas. Enjoy O.J. Blanche in either our 500ml can or 330ml bottle. Learn More.
  • O.J. Hard: A natural & refreshing spiked sparkling water with a light to medium carbonation, a 5% alcohol content and four strong fresh fruit flavours including Mango, Raspberry, Lime & Cherry. Each 330ml serving contains just 99 calories, 0g of carbs and it's gluten free! Learn More.

Gluten free beverages:

O.J. Hard is our range of spiked sparkling water in a variety of strong fruit flavours. Created using only, natural, plant-based ingredients, makes the O.J. Hard range a perfect choice for all vegetarians and vegans. Additionally, our O.J. Hard Seltzers are brewed without the use of grains, whereas our beers are brewed using barley malt. As a result, O.J. Hard is a gluten-free alcoholic drink! Flavours include lime, mango, raspberry and cherry.

The O.J. Hard Seltzers are made using pure and natural flavours, with just 89 calories and 2g of carbs per 330ml serving. Learn More.

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