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We invited Matthias Soberon of Served by Soberon to taste O.J. Pilsener for the first time. Read on to hear his initial thoughts on our signature Pilsener.

"While pouring a chilled O.J. Pilsener into your glass, you are greeted by its golden appearance. In the straw-coloured, transparent body, you can see fine pearls of bubbles find their way to the top of the glass. A solid head has set itself, that, with time passing slowly tones down. It is brewed according to the German Purity Law with only water, barley malt and hops."

"In the nose, this pilsener is crisp, not too powerful or overwhelming. Whiffs of freshly expressed lemon peels tingle around a grainy body."

"Upon tasting, the lemon peels from the nose turn into mild, hoppy bitterness, while the grainy body of the nose remains. A faint sweetness arrives, almost bready. The crispness of the initial nosing and first sip gets rounder and smoother while dribking. Talking mouthfeel, O.J. Pilsener has mediym carbonation; and while it starts a bit on the sharp side, the flavour evolution softens throughout the drinking experience."

"The finish is quite vibrant, but not exactly long. The hops are taking a more prominent role, yet the slight sweetness found on the palate is still present. In the aftertaste there’s a soft linger of bitterness."

"While this bottom-fermented lager isn't too complex, it does have a nice body and goes down easily. A fine example of a thirst quencher to be enjoyed on a hot summer’s day.”

Our signature O.J. Pilsener is a light bodied crisp and bitter premium pilsener with a dry, refreshing finish, quenching your thirst instantly. This beer has an eye catching, matt finish 500 ml & colourful 330 ml bottle with our signature branding.

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