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Back again to review our much loved O.J. Blanche, Matthias Soberon of ServedbySoberon gives us his detailed feedback on his first tastes with our very own cloudy wheat beer - a liquid form of spring he calls it!

"When you pour O.J. Blanche into your glass, you’re looking at a beautiful cloudy stream, quickly settling into a bright, yet opaque, golden liquid. It looks silky, with an almost velvet-like head, that slowly takes its time to tone down. Due to being hazy, it’s hard to discern any pearls, yet keeping the glass closer, you’ll notice that touch of vibrance."

"O.J. Blanche is brewed in the typical ‘wheat beer’ or ‘witbier’ style, with barley malt, oats, wheat and the unmistakable combination of coriander and citrus peels."

"In the nose, OJ Blanche is gentle, warm and fresh. It’s not just aroma, it tickles a sense of experience like a sunny spring day, the first time you go outside in a t-shirt. There’s lemon and orange to be found, even a touch of nuttiness."

"On tasting, you are greeted with that same wave of citrus, slightly more bitter than while nosing. It has a low carbonation, leaving a soft imprint on the tongue. The bitterness of the that first sip builds up a bit more with each one until a multi-layered climax: think fresh bitter orange peels being expressed, dehydrated lemon peels, a hint of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. A soft and gentle whiff of wheat arrives a few sips later. It’s subtle, yet present. Give the Blanche some time, it takes some time to build up to its full complexity."

"The finish itself isn’t too long, it’s like a cymbal being hit: a bold ending, that dims fairly quickly. Somewhere in the back, that nuttiness discerned during the nosing vaguely returns."

"O.J. Blanche drinks easily, possibly a bit too easily, yet at 5% ABV, there’s room for that. Although I’d advise you to take your time with it, there’s a lot more to it on the long run. A liquid form of Spring has arrived."

A pale, dense wheat beer with a mild sweet-sour taste. This beverage is characterized by it’s citrus and coriander aromas, a beverage all beer lovers will enjoy. 

This beer has a matt finish 50cl can filled with premium Belgium liquid and is tray packed with 24 cans per tray.

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