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O.J. 8.5% Strong Beer Review by Chris’s Beer Reviews

Hey beer buds, O.J. Beer is back in another reviewer's hands with the O.J. 8.5% Strong Beer by  Chris from the Chris’s Beer Reviews. Read on to hear his thoughts on our Premium Strong Beer as part of his ‘Park Bench Series’.

Chris’s first comment is on the unique and quirky look of the O.J. Beer brand and packaging, which is a real eye catcher on shelves: “Great can, I think the can is fantastic, they are quite impressive!”

Next, Chris reacts to the aroma of the liquid, “I was expecting a sickly sweet aroma but it hasn’t got it! It smells a lot, lot better than what I was expecting.”

And finally, Chris tastes our strong beer, “Where is that 8.5%? Wow, I am really not picking up on that 8.5%! That is really drinkable. It does have a sweetness to it, but not a big sweetness that you do get with some of these strong lagers. It has got a nice bitter finish. That is surprisingly drinkable.”

''Flavour wise, everything just seems light. It’s got breadiness, it’s got maltiness, it’s got that bitter finish and there is a honey-type sweetness to it.”

“Compared to the Special Brew which is only 7.5%, this is much, much easier to drink and it’s not expensive!”

Watch the full video below!

O.J. Strong beer is a full bodied pure quality lager with full punchy alcohol content. A perfect balance between taste and a bitter sensation with a long and perfect finish, giving you that extra 'oomph'. View our expansive range of strong beers here. 

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