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We invited Matthias Soberon of ServedbySoberon to taste the first of our expansive range of strong beers, the O.J. 8.5% Strong Beer. Read on to see what his experienced palette thought of our strong beer.

"The O.J. Premium 8.5% Strong Beer is a bottom-fermented beer with a high alcohol content. Upon pouring, you get an old gold, transparent liquid filling your glass. Fine pearls slowly move towards the dense, snow white head. The foam is thick, like a pillow, and gently fades over time."

"In the nose, there are bitter and bright undertones which are supported by a sweetness, comparable to a drizzle of honey over oatmeal. It's multi-dimensional, not just bringing sweetness but also more warmth and depth. It's an aromatic experience that leaves a malty scent lingering."

"Tasting the 8.5% beer, you're greeted by a full bodied mouthfeel which is thick, coating all sides of the tongue. The honey flavours return, fresh drupes popping up from a distance. While the initial sip might bring a whiff of 'alcohol', from the second taste and onward, it makes place for a mildly malty and hoppy dominance. Balanced between sweet and bitter, the flavour evolution is quite lengthy."

"In the finish, the hops meet honeycomb. They dance a bittersweet tango. Not too sharp, not too crisp. They take their time to evolve, even in the finish. The aftertaste is medium to long."

"Throughout drinking the O.J. 8.5% Strong Beer, temperatures seemed to be rising, like the last warm sunset of the season. Summer turning into Autumn, golden.”

Our O.J. 8.5% Premium Strong Beer is a full bodied, pure quality lager with a full and punchy alcohol content. It is the perfect balance between taste and a bitter sensation with a long and perfect finish, giving you that extra 'oomph'. This beer has a matt finish 500ml can filled with premium Belgium liquid and is tray packed with 24 cans per tray.


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