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Hey there, O.J. Beer is back in another reviewer's hands with the O.J. 12% Strong Beer by Chris from the Chris’s Beer Reviews. Checkout the review for yourself below!

Chris cracks open a 300ml can of our 12% strong beer, one of our best sellers! His initial reaction was the aroma, ‘’The aromas are actually quite nice! Yeah, a slightly sweet malty aroma and it’s nicely carbonated.”

When he finally takes on the liquid, he is pleasantly surprised, ‘’That is actually quite pleasant. It’s not really heavy hitting, just kind of warm in the back of my jaws. The malts are quite prominent as well; there is a very slight citrus edge with some kind of breadiness. And it's definitely got a kind of a peppery metallic back end finish. It's drinkable. I am not disappointed with that!’’

Chris has now taken on the O.J. 8.5% and 12% Strong Beers, and he’s excited to move on to the 16% next! Stay tuned for his review soon!

Watch Chris’s full video review below, and don’t forget to subscribe to his channel for some more great content.


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