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Breda, Netherlands — O.J. Beer have wowed the industry again at one of Europe’s most reputable beer competitions, the European Beer Challenge taking home a Gold medal for our O.J. Pink and Double Gold medal for O.J. Pomme.

“The European Beer Challenge is a very thorough challenge,” reported Rick Delaney, Founder and CEO at Liquor Zaar. “The 100 participants blind taste the samples from all over the world, not knowing what it looks like, where it comes from, what the brand or price point is. This means our fruit beers are truly amazing in flavour!”.

With a range of tastings organised, and over 100 prominent beer buyers in Europe sampling the beers, it is a thorough and tough competition.

The London County Hall hosted the final tasting on the 24 November 2020, with thousands of the most exciting beers across 39 countries battled to impress the European Beer Challenge judges. Judges included senior representatives of The Ritz Hotel, Bibendum and Venus Wine & Spirit Merchants PLC.

Venus Wine & Spirit Merchants PLC are a family owned distribution business with a turnover of £100 million. Daniel Faires commented “Having a European Beer Challenge Medal Stickers on beer bottles and cans hugely helps recognition and encourages sales.”

O.J. Pink is a light and delicious premium quality beer with an instant aroma of wild berries that intensifies on drinking but still allows the delicacy of the malt and hops to shine through. O.J. Pomme is a smooth, light, premium quality beverage filled with flavours of freshly picked green apples and fruity sugar sweetness. O.J. Fruit Beer is available in 63 countries worldwide in 330ml bottles.

About O.J. Beer

O.J. Beer is a new taste experience inspired by one of the world’s strongest men, Belgian born Odo Joost, or O.J. as he is better known. Since 2015, O.J. Beer has grown and developed, much like the life of Odo Joost. We are constantly creating newer, better and stronger beers for those who wish to break the mould, step outside of their comfort zone, fuel the afterparty and make every night unforgettable. Just like Odo!

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About Liquor Zaar B.V.

With over 20 years in the beverage industry, the team behind Liquor Zaar are continuously striving to bring new and innovative products to the market. Through years of extensive research and first-hand experience, Liquor Zaar are devoted to filling gaps in the market with quality products. Our portfolio of brands specialises in unique essence, varying strengths and exceptional personality. Each product tells its own story through distinctive, eye catching branding and incredible flavour. At Liquor Zaar, our brand mission is to bring people together through a shared love of exceptional taste.

If you would like further information on Liquor Zaar, our brands or would simply like to say hi, please contact us on jamie@liquorzaar.com 

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