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How to enjoy beer to the fullest in 7 steps

Beer is the most consumed alcoholic beverage in the world. But learning to drink beer and choosing the right type of beer to suit your taste can be difficult. You might be turned off by the bitter flavours, or even the question of how and when to drink a beer. You might even be overwhelmed by the extravaganza of beer brands, subcategories and flavours the world has to offer!

So how do you enjoy a beer to the fullest? At O.J. Beer we’re proud to say we have it nailed, so read on for some tips!


If you are a beer rookie, you should start from the very beginning. Because you easily get lost in the maze of malt, hops and alcohol, and this might negatively impact your beer experience. So, start slowly and start with the basics.

1) Start simple and light

The taste of beer is different to all other drinks. When you take your first sip, the bitterness of hops and the ‘oomph’ of alcohol greet you instantly. And that can be an unusual taste for a first timer! It’s tasty, but different.

So don’t start too strong. Start with a traditional, light pilsener. Take a sip. Take another one. Take some time to learn the taste of beer.

A light pilsener is a great place to start because of their low ABV, light body and fresh taste. This makes pilseners great thirst-quenchers that don’t instantly overwhelm you with an explosion of aromas and alcohol.

2) Try out different flavours

Once your tastebuds are acquainted with the taste of hops and barley malt, it’s time to dive into the many flavours and strengths the market has to offer. And there are so many different beers: fruit beers, malty beers, beer with a dazzlingly high ABV, IPAs. So. Much. To. Choose. From.

Our suggestion? Just go for it. Just try. Do some research on the beers you can buy in your local stores or online, or checkout what beers your local restaurant’s menu have to see if they offer any specialty beers. Or even better, checkout the range we have at O.J. Beer, you won’t be disappointed!

3) Serve your beer right

Always make sure to serve your beer right. No one wants a lukewarm lager with more foam than beer. Make sure to serve your beer at the right temperature. Not too hot. Not too cold. For instance, our beers are served best at 2 to 3 degrees Celsius. Gently pour your beer into the glass, as you slightly tilt your glass. Ideally, a perfect poured beer has a 2-finger head of foam.

Of course, you can also drink your beers from a bottle or can. Just make sure not to shake it before opening!

4) Combine your beer with some food

So now you’ve come to the stage in which you are starting to get used to the malty delicious flavours, it’s time to experiment with different types of beers.

Try a strong beer, which is any beer with an ABV of 7% of more. You might want to pair this with some food, because downing a special strong beer in one go isn’t the best idea… especially if you're going for an O.J. 20%!

For instance, David from I’ve Had Worse combined our O.J. 18% Strong Beer (yes, that’s 18% of alcohol) with some cheese and sausages. This way, the alcoholic punch of the 18% wasn’t too overwhelming, whereas the combined bitterness of the beer and the meat resulted in an very tasty experience!

5) Make beer-based cocktails

Yes! We said it! If you prefer your alcoholic beverages shaken or stirred, you should definitely try mixing your beers. There aren’t a huge range of beer based cocktail recipes online but at O.J. Beer we’ve got you covered. Try our Beer-Garita, a twist on the traditional margarita, or for something more fun, give our Stronger than Strong Beer Jello Shots a go!

Screenshot of our O.J. Strong Jello Shots

6) Write down your beer experiences

So, at this stage, you should know what type of beer you like and how to enjoy it to the fullest. What more can you do? If you want to continue your beer tasting ‘hobby’, you should consider starting a bit of a journal. Document your experiences, rate your beers etc. Ask yourself questions such as, which flavours do I recognize in this beer? How is the body of the beer? How is the carbonation?

A lot of beers look alike, but the tiniest details can make all of the difference. Writing down your beer experiences can help you in discovering more you will enjoy. P.S. We can guarantee you will love ALL of the O.J. Beer range!

Picture of a fruit beer including the characteristics that are written down on a paper.

7) Share your beer experiences

There’s an abundance of information of different beers online. But nothing beats the word of mouth from your beer-drinking friends. Ask the beer connoisseur in your social circle about their favourite beers and share your beer experiences with your friends too. Get on social media and share your experiences or even better, create an account on Untappd, a social platform for beer loving individuals just like you!


Hopefully we’ve given you some useful tips on how to enjoy an ice-cold beer to the fullest. Do you still find yourself in a maze of malt? Checkout some of our other blog articles below:

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