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How different types of packaging impact the beer's shelf life

Packaging plays a crucial role in determining the expiration date and overall freshness of beer. At O.J. Beer, we use numerous different types of packing to suit the needs of each brew. Here's how different types of packaging impact the beer's shelf life:

  1. Cans:   

Cans provide excellent protection against light and oxygen, two factors that can degrade beer quality. The seal on cans is usually airtight, preventing oxygen from entering and affecting the beer's flavour. Canned beers generally have a longer shelf life compared to bottled beers due to their superior barrier properties.

  1. Glass Bottles:

Brown or amber glass bottles offer better protection against light exposure compared to clear or green bottles. Light can cause chemical reactions in beer, leading to "skunky" flavours. The seal of bottle caps is essential for maintaining freshness. Properly sealed bottles prevent oxygen from entering and carbon dioxide from escaping, which can cause oxidation and loss of carbonation. 

  1. Kegs:

Kegs are commonly used for draft beer served in bars, restaurants, and breweries. Kegs provide a controlled environment with minimal oxygen exposure, especially when properly sealed. However, once a keg is tapped, the beer inside is exposed to oxygen and should ideally be consumed within a few days to maintain freshness.

  1. PET Bottles and Growlers:

PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles and growlers are popular for packaging draft beer to-go. While PET bottles offer some protection against light and oxygen, they are not as effective as cans or glass bottles. Growlers, typically made of glass or stainless steel, are refillable containers often used for transporting fresh draft beer from breweries. The freshness of beer in growlers depends on how well they are sealed and how quickly the beer is consumed after filling.

  1. Boxed or Bagged Beer:

Some breweries package beer in boxes or bags, often referred to as "bag-in-box" or "box wine" style packaging. These containers provide protection against light and oxygen and can be convenient for storing and transporting larger volumes of beer. Proper sealing is essential to maintain freshness, as with other packaging types.

In summary, the type of packaging used for beer can significantly impact its expiration date and overall quality and taste. Cans generally offer the best protection against light and oxygen, followed by brown glass bottles, while clear or green glass bottles provide less protection. Proper sealing and storage conditions are essential regardless of the packaging type to preserve the beer's freshness for as long as possible. A lot of thought is given to each of our O.J. Beer’s to ensure the correct packaging option is assigned to each of our beverages to maximise taste and experience!

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