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Hard Seltzer is rapidly gaining popularity in Europe

Wine, beer, and whiskey, move away because hard seltzer is here to stay! The spiked sparkling water has conquered the hearts of the Americans. And now it’s time for Europe to ‘hops’ (see what we did there?) on the boozy sparkling water trend with O.J. Beer.

About Hard Seltzer

What is a hard seltzer

Hard seltzer is a natural and refreshing spiked sparkling water, with alcoholic content ranging from 4-6% and usually includes added flavours. O.J. Hard is served in a 330ml sleek can, and is characterized by its natural ingredients, low calories and zero carbs.  

Why are hard seltzers so popular?

Where did hard seltzer come from

Hard seltzer originates from the United States. Back in 2012, Connecticut, a new beverage was produced. It resembled the taste of a vodka-soda, and it was served in a can, making it easy to drink. It wasn’t until 2016 when hard seltzers started gaining in popularity, as many alcohol brands jumped into the hard seltzer market.

How hard seltzer gained momentum

Back in 2016, the size of the American hard seltzer market was just $41M. Sales quickly spiked by 169% in 2018, and here we are today! Four years later, in 2020, the hard seltzer category has grown to 2.6% overall.

The seltzer saga continues as the market share of these alcoholic beverages is expected to triple by 2023 as the hard seltzer market is gaining terrain in other parts of the world.

Hard seltzer: A healthier alternative to drinking your calories!

There is one thing the hard seltzer nails, responding to the changing market. Realistically, people will never stop drinking alcohol. But the reasons for when and why people drink alcohol are changing.

The consumer’s attitude to alcohol has changed

Last year, the United States saw a decrease in wine and beer consumption, whereas the overall consumption of low-alcoholic drinks increased. The contemporary consumer is looking to maintain a more balanced and healthier lifestyle. People have become more conscious about what they eat and drink, and thus make more healthier decisions. But despite minimising the consumption of carbs, alcohol and calorie bombs, there’s one thing that is sure: The craving for alcoholic drinks will always stay.

The healthier drink

Hard seltzers have responded correctly to the changing consumer demand, by producing an alcoholic beverage that is a lower calorie alternative to beer, wine or spirits. Hard seltzers are relatively low in ABV, carbs and calories. Take our O.J. Hard, for instance. Our hard seltzer is made of fermented cane sugar, carbonated well water and added natural fruit flavours. That’s it. As result, O.J. Hard contains just 99 calories, 0 grams of carbs, and an ABV of 5% per serving and it's gluten free!

Next to being a low-calorie drink, our hard seltzer range is also gluten free: There are no grains added during the brewing process. As a result, the O.J. Hard is accessible to every health-conscious consumer and every consumer with a coeliac disease. It’s even a keto friendly beverage!

Convenient, hybrid and Instagram worthy

Hard seltzer is more than just a guilt free alcoholic drink, though. The spiked sparkling water is also liked because of its convenience, visual identity, and hybrid character.

The convenient drink

The way we are drinking alcoholic beverages is changing. Especially during this COVID-crisis, the demand for drinks ‘on the go’ has rapidly increased. Consumers are looking for drinks that are easy to get, prepare and consume. And hard seltzers meet these characteristics perfectly. They are served in cans that are easy to carry and open. There’s no need for a glass or bottle opener and the package quality allows for online delivery. Perfect for a boozy picnic in the park!


The visual appearance of beverage cans has become part of the entire drinking experience. It’s not only about the taste, but also about the look of the packaging. Instagram is loaded with pictures of hard seltzer cans. These cans typically are characterized by their bright and colourful look. And if the design is right, people will love them. Check out the sleek and fresh O.J. Hard design here.

A hybrid drink loved by everyone

Their healthy ingredients, convenience, easy-to-drink characteristics and visual identity makes hard seltzers hybrid beverages that tick all the boxes for a wide range of consumers – young, old, male, female etc. Hard seltzer breaks the old ‘men like beer, women like wine’ narrative. More than ever, with the introduction of spiked sparkling water, drinking has become a social activity, in which it doesn’t matter who drinks what. What matters more, is that people are drinking and enjoying time together.

How is hard seltzer developing in Europe

In Europe, hard seltzer is gaining ground, and quick. Just like Americans, European consumers are looking for healthier ways to indulge their alcohol cravings. And the demand for ready to drink alcoholic beverages, such as the hard seltzer, is forecasted to increase in countries such as Germany, Finland, Italy and the United Kingdom. The drink has hit the UK market,  and 2020 marks the year in which the Hard Seltzer is being introduced in countries such as Germany and France. That’s why O.J. Hard is succeeding in Europe. It’s quickly winning the hearts of consumer, just leave that to us at O.J. Beer.

Interested in becoming a hard seltzer importer / distributor? Are you ready to expand your business (quickly!) with O.J. Hard?

O.J. Hard, a new drinking experience:

  • We’ve developed an exciting O.J. Hard range with four unique flavours: Cherry, Raspberry, Lime and Mango.
  • Our hard seltzers contain 99 calories, 0g carbs and 5% ABV per 330ml serving. Resonating the demands of the health-conscious consumers.
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Gluten-free
  • An eye-catching, colourful, double matt finish 330ml sleek can carton packed with 24 cans per pack. Picturesque!

What is O.J. Beer?

6 ranges, 19 beverages, 69+ countries, 100+ customers. And counting.


So, are you in? It’s your round!

Make sure to check our O.J. Hard range and contact us here to grow your business with O.J. Hard.

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