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The Ultimate Guide to pairing O.J. Beer with your favourite food

Food and drinks are always part of celebrations, family gatherings, work get togethers, holidays, and everything in between! Studies have shown that drinking in moderation can improve your blood circulation, but it's also very important to drink in moderation and avoid drinking alcohol on an empty stomach.

To celebrate the beauty of eating your favourite foods with the most delicious beers, O.J. Beer have curated the ultimate guide to beer and food pairing to help you get the most out of every O.J. Beer you drink.


A pale, dense wheat beer with a mild sweet-sour taste. This beverage is characterised by its citrus and coriander aromas, a beverage all beer lovers will enjoy. O.J. Blanche is most delicious when paired with:

Cheese: Wheat beers will complement fruity cheeses such as wensleydale and cranberry cheese or peach goat cheese as the sweetness of the beer contrasts the tangy qualities of each.

Asian Food: The bready wheat malt in O.J. Blanche pairs very well with asian and spicy food such as Chinese orange chicken, Kung Pao, teriyaki and Pad Thai. 


The range of O.J. Fruit Beer includes O.J. Pink (wild berry flavour), O.J. Pomme (green apple flavour), O.J. Fuzz (tropical peach flavour). Each of the fruit beers are a smooth, light, premium quality beverage filled with flavours of freshly picked fruit. 

Cheese: Berry-based Fruit Beers add a jam-like quality to baked Brie, as the sweet and tart flavors of the beer pair with the creamy, buttery texture of the cheese (think dessert custard flavors, yum!).

Salads: Fruit Beers add a bright and fruity element to salads which including things like with toasted nuts, blue cheese or feta crumbles, and lemon and/or vinegar based dressings.

Desserts: You can also enjoy an O.J. Fruit Beer alongside a range of rich desserts such as a flourless chocolate cake or brownie for a perfect pairing!


O.J. Hard Seltzer is a natural and refreshing range of spiked sparkling waters created using the purest well water and juices from hand picked fresh fruit, in four fruity and refreshing flavours including mango, lime, raspberry and cherry.

Fish, Salads & Mild Cheeses: Citrus flavoured hard seltzers work best with foods which you would usually add a splash of lemon, lime or vinegar to such as baked fish, calamari, a green salad as well as milder tasting cheeses such as mozzarella, feta and burrata.

Earthy, Mushroom Based Dishes & Oily Fish: Berry flavoured hard seltzers can be paired in the same way as a Rosé wine, and add a fruity, refreshing kick to the meal. This includes food such as a mushroom risotto, stuffed portobello mushrooms, mackerel and salmon. 

Sushi, Sashimi & Ceviche: Tropical fruit flavoured hard seltzers are a tricky one. They work best with fresh Japanese foods such as raw fish, coconut shrimp and dishes that include ponzu.


This signature beer is a light bodied crisp and bitter premium pilsener with a dry, refreshing finish, quenching your thirst instantly. O.J. Pilsener is best paired with:

Cheese: Mild, and slightly sharp hard cheeses such as cheddar, gouda and emmental will work very well with O.J. Pilsener as the cheese will add a balance to the malty beer flavours.

Fried Food & Meat: O.J. Pilsener has a crisp and bitter taste that will work very well with fried foods such as french fries, fried chicken and mozzarella sticks. The The malty and sweet finish will perfectly contrast salty, cured meats as well as grilled meats.


O.J. Strong Beer is the most expansive range at O.J. Beer, which includes seven different strong beers. It is a full-bodied pure quality lager each with a full punchy alcohol content. A perfect balance between taste and a bitter sensation with a long and perfect finish, giving you that extra ‚Äėoomph‚Äô.¬†

Brisket, Slow Cooked Meat, Red Meat Stews: The punchy flavours of O.J. Strong will take the flavour of the meat to another level while taking the edge off any smoky flavours.

BBQ Sauce: The rich body of O.J. Strong Beers will bring down the spice level of a BBQ sauce while preparing your palette for another spicy bite!


Pairing the right beer with your favourite food will bring a whole new dimension to your dining experience. But don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself! This guide should inspire you to find amazing combinations of your own and figure out your favourite. Tag us social media when you find the perfect pair!

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