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Beer & Chocolate Pairing for Easter

Chocolate is delicious on its own, but what if you paired it with an ice cold glass of O.J. Beer? We have put together a few suggestions on how to enjoy chocolate to the fullest with our beers! Why not invite your friends over for an adult chocolate tasting!

O.J. Fruit Beer & Milk Chocolate - perfect for dessert!

O.J. Fruit beer is a light & delicious beverage with an aroma of sweet fruit that still allows the delicacy of the malt and hops to shine through. This range at O.J. Beer is available in three different fruity flavours, perfect to pair with your favourite quality, velvety milk chocolate. The creaminess of the milk is a perfect match for the sweet fruit flavours from the beer and should hit the spot nicely. 

O.J. Strong Beer & Chilli Chocolate Clusters 

O.J. Strong Beer has the perfect balance of sweet and bitter to pair with a spicy, exotic chocolate. O.J. Strong Beer is a full bodied pure quality lager with full punchy alcohol content. The rich body of O.J. Strong Beers will bring down the spice level of the chilli infused chocolate while preparing your palette for another spicy bite! This pairing will create a perfect balance between intense flavour and a pleasantly dry finish.

O.J. Pilsener Beer & Sea Salt Chocolate 

The O.J. signature Pilsener is light bodied, crisp and bitter beer with a dry, refreshing finish, quenching your thirst instantly. Try enjoying O.J. Pilsener with dark chocolate with a touch of sea salt. The malty and sweet taste of the beer is a perfect contrast to the salty finish of the dark chocolate giving you a uniquely smooth and rich gourmet taste. 

Have you stopped drooling yet? That's what we thought. So go ahead, put your O.J. Beer in the fridge and get your chocolate ready! Happy Easter, from all of us at O.J. Beer. 

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